2021 Special Funding Opportunity FAQ

What is a referral?

NowPow supports 3 types of referrals – Shared Referrals, where referral information shared directly to an individual via
text email, or print, and two types of closed loop referrals. The first closed loop referral is a Tracked Referral with exchange of basic demographic information and any relevant documents to a CBO to support a referral and with bi-directional notification when accepted, scheduled, service fulfilled and outcome details. Lastly, are Coordinated Referrals which allow organizations within a network to longitudinally exchange information and co-manage care on a single patient record which are geared toward supporting more complex patients or specific interventions.

With use three types of referrals (Shared, Tracked, and Coordinated) on the NowPow platform you can tailor care from helping people stay well, reduce rising risk to ensuring higher acuity people get the support they need to connect to the community care.

How are NowPow generated referrals personalized to the individual?

NowPow leverages demographic information and identified needs against its custom algorithms, matching logic, and dynamic filters to create a personalized list of referrals. Services are filtered for service eligibility, hours, language, special populations. This approach creates a referral that is accessible ensuring a high rate for service success.

How is the directory built and maintained?

NowPow takes a strategic and meaningful approach to building a high-quality directory and sustainable community network. Our focused and standard process has our community resource team estimate the expected number of resources based on the population served, map out the geography, and provide insights into supply and demand and resource gaps; this includes adding any resources already in use by your organization. Our in-house team validates all resources listed
in the directory down to the service level by direct connection with the community partners. Now, in light of COVID, we
are also service availability tags for their operational status; for example, if they are operating with regular hours, pick-up, delivery or virtual service. And you may agree – we are seeing not during COVID but the Post-COVID period as an essential and critical time to support the community’s needs, with the high unemployment, mental health, caregiver needs, and more.

What EHR have we integrated with today?

NowPow can integrate with any data source, including an EHR, Case Management System or CRM. We believe in offering a seamless integration to drive user adoption, efficient workflow, and joy for the user and our integrations team works to set up and maintain various integrations with our partners.