Current Grantees

Below is a brief description of our currently funded Telligen Community Initiative grantees selected from our 2014 to 2017 funding cycles to date. These are here to offer a brief description of projects previously awarded. This is offered to both share the work of our grantees and perhaps inspire similar work in your community by your organization or coalition considering an application to TCI.

2018 Colorado Grantees

2018 Oklahoma Grantees

2017 Colorado Grantees

2017 Illinois Grantees

2017 Iowa Grantees

2017 Oklahoma Grantees

2016 Iowa Grantees

2016 Oklahoma Grantees

2015 Illinois Grantees

2015 Iowa Grantees

2015 Oklahoma Grantees

2014 Illinois Grantees

2014 Iowa Grantees