Illinois Association of Infant Mental Health

Award / $30,290

Priority / Healthcare Workforce Development

Location / Chicago, IL Statewide area of focus

Grant Summary:

The Illinois Association has developed a system to credential multidisciplinary infant and early childhood mental health practitioners in order to build a competent and effective workforce who are highly qualified to serve infants, young children, their families or to consult with practitioners and programs who work directly with young children and their families. A framework of inter-related competencies and standards of practice are central to this rigorous professional development process; learning is facilitated within reflective groups and individual reflective supervision meetings. We also recognize that the workforce is mobile and having a credentialing system that collaborates with and has procedures in place for reciprocity with nearby states is necessary. Support is needed to continue to expand the number of credentialed practitioners in all parts of the state and in developing collaborative agreements with surrounding states.