Telligen Community Initiative has a commitment to the health of our communities. We want to fund programs and nonprofits that address social determinants that impact health and enhance equity, that are making healthcare education more accessible, and that are fostering innovation.

Our support comes with our endorsement of the good these programs and organizations do. We invest in them because they are investing in our neighbors and friends and ultimately in all of us.

  • Health Innovation

    This area is encouraged to think creatively and differently regarding issues and opportunities that can bring innovation to the way we all envision health.  Please visit our 2020 Request for Proposals document to outline desired ways to approach this funding interest.

  • Social Determinants of Health / Health Equity

    The social determinants of health are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age. The social determinants of health can be most responsible for resulting health inequities. TCI believes in advancing health equity and achieving this requires novel approaches to positively address the social determinants of health. The range of personal, social, economic, and environmental factors that influence health status are known as determinants of health. It is the interrelationships among these factors that determine individual and population health. This interrelationship and connection to health is a connection we want to support with our resources. Please visit our 2020 Request for Proposals document to outline desired ways to approach this funding interest.

  • Healthcare Workforce Development

    TCI believes the challenges of health workforce shortages and an aging population (health workforce and general public) will require progressive and a fundamental reshaping of the way in which patient care is delivered, especially for primary care. TCI also envisions change in the point of care and the roles of the inter-disciplinary direct care team of providers needing to be factored into the needs of our future healthcare workforce. Please visit our 2020 Request for Proposals document to outline desired ways to approach this funding interest.

Funding Guidelines/Request for Proposals

To request a grant, your organization must be a recognized as a federally tax-exempt section 501(c)(3) charitable organization, an accredited school, or a public/governmental agency located in the states of Iowa, Illinois, Colorado or Oklahoma. Examples could include a public school, public library, local public health department or state governmental agency.

To learn more and to receive specific guidance on compiling a 2020 grant request, check out our Request for Proposals document.

Please review this document as an addendum and update to our Request for Proposals (RFP) for our remaining 2020 grant deadline of June 12th.  This deadline and strategic funding framework remains the same (June 12th), but we’ve incorporated COVID-19 relief/response options within our areas of TCI funding focus.

Download 2020 RFP 2020 Cycle #2 Addendum Update

Application Rubric

Here you will find the Application Rubric that we will use when assessing the Letter of Intent applications we receive. This is a good place to not only see if your organization or project fits what we’re after, but also how to maximize the things we’re looking for in your 2020 application.

Application Rubric

Recent Grantees

Our recent grantees should give you a good idea of the types of organizations and projects we want to invest in.

See all recent grantees

Past Applications

Seeing previously successful applications can be a good way to see how other organization were able to put their best foot forward and secure a grant award. If you are interested in seeing examples, please contact TCI staff to request past examples.

Application FAQ

We want the application process to be as simple as possible but we understand that there might be areas where you are looking for clarity. Look no further than our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Application FAQ


New in 2020, TCI is introducing the use of an online application portal for greater ease in LOI submissions. All materials are available at the portal line below. The portal is intuitive and has a full user guide and instructions for how to use.

Grant Application Portal