How to Apply

Double Check

It’s always good to make sure your organization and project are eligible. You can find more information on whether TCI is a good fit for you below:

Required Documents

You’ll have to submit these documents for your initial Letter of Interest application. Make sure you have these on hand before you get started.

IRS determination letter regarding 501(c)(3) status (or statement of governmental entity status if you are applying as a unit of government)

List of board or governance structure members and their affiliations (or governmental board or community advisory body)

IRS Determination Letter Regarding 501(c)(3) Status (Required)

We will also accept a statement of governmental entity status.

List of Board or Governance Structure (Required)

We need the names of the members and their affiliations.

Grant Application Forms

Below please find links to our RFP/funding guidance, as well as the ability to download our desired application format to make your application development easier to complete.

Download 2019 RFP Download Grant Application Format

If you have questions about filling out the application, you might find it helpful to see the scoring rubric our reviewers will be using in evaluating your application. This can be a useful thing to see in addition to the RFP itself in planning your application.

Application Rubric

Submit Your Application

Once you’ve reviewed the RFP, downloaded and completed the grant application document for your project, and assembled your required appendix items, it is time to submit. Per the RFP, please simply email your Letter of Interest application package in to us at