How to Apply

Double Check

It’s always good to make sure your organization and project are eligible. You can find more information on whether TCI is a good fit for you below:

Required Documents

You’ll have to submit these documents for your initial Letter of Interest application. Make sure you have these on hand before you get started.

IRS determination letter regarding 501(c)(3) status (or statement of governmental entity status if you are applying as a unit of government)

List of board or governance structure members and their affiliations (or governmental board or community advisory body)

IRS Determination Letter Regarding 501(c)(3) Status (Required – to upload in the application portal)

We will also accept a statement of governmental entity status.

List of Board or Governance Structure (Required – to upload in the application portal)

We need the names of the members and their affiliations.

Online Application Portal

New in 2020, TCI is introducing the use of an online application portal for greater ease in LOI submissions. All materials will be available an linked from our website or the portal address itself

The portal has a full user guide and instructions for how to use. The LOI grant narrative elements summarized above represent the same application pieces you’ll find in the portal. You will have character limits to adhere to, but they correspond well to the past length of our LOI processes. There are character counters that count down as you develop your responses. There are save and return features. It is designed to be both intuitive and user-friendly.

Upon successful completion, your proposal contact will receive verification email confirmation, as well as a proposal identification number and time stamped LOI of your responses as proof of submission.

Please review this document as an addendum and update to our Request for Proposals (RFP) for our remaining 2020 grant deadline of June 12th. This deadline and strategic funding framework remains the same (June 12th), but we’ve incorporated COVID-19 relief/response options within our areas of TCI funding focus.

Download 2020 RFP 2020 Cycle #2 Addendum Update

If you have questions about filling out the application, you might find it helpful to see the scoring rubric our reviewers will be using in evaluating your application. This can be a useful thing to see in addition to the RFP itself in planning your application.

Application Rubric