Funding Influence

At Telligen Community Initiative, we’re looking for the people and organizations that are making the world better. We want to encourage the dreams that make the dreams of many possible. Our success is measured by the success of our grantees.

Since our inception in 2005, our capacity to give has grown every year. In the past nine years alone, we’ve awarded over 357 community project grants totaling just over $15 million.

Every year, Telligen Community Initiative looks to fund organizations and projects that make our communities feel better and live healthier. The amount of quality, deserving organizations and projects is constantly growing as more become aware of our work. We are committed to grow with it so that together our philanthropy can support good people doing great things for the right community needs and reasons. Please consider how your work can be part of our future.

Please also consider contacting TCI staff for additional information (philanthropic dashboard and additional grantee impact information) if you’d like to learn more about any current or recently funded TCI grants to see how similarly positioned work in your community or organization could be a future TCI supported project. We’re all about transparency and being a resource to you