Award / $30,640

Priority / Social Determinants of Health / Health Equity

Location / Chicago, IL Cook County Focus

The CHARM project, launched in December 2020, focuses on children and families with an emphasis on individuals experiencing housing insecurity and/or refugees seeking asylum in Chicago. Since research shows that many vulnerable populations are less likely to have an established medical home, CHARM is working to support these patients and their families who have been displaced or are at risk of being displaced from home environments in securing a medical home for comprehensive care. The strategy is to help connect community-based organizations (CBOs) who provide social services to vulnerable individuals with community health centers (CHCs) for comprehensive healthcare with a bi-directional digital referral platform. This strategy will enhance timely connection of patients to health services and replace existing conventions of paper-based workflows that leave the referring entity uncertain of the outcome of the referral. CHARM will facilitate enhanced communication between CBOs and CHCs in closing the loop on patients receiving medical care.