McKendree University

Award / $49,840

Priority / Healthcare Workforce Development

Location / Lebanon, IL Illinois Statewide

Development of innovative MSN Population Health online curriculum creating a specific Population Health specialty option for aspiring nurse leaders and educators to drive changes in healthcare practice across all health related settings throughout the State of Illinois with a focus on rural and underserved areas. Driven by integrating best evidence and experiential learning across disciplines, nurse
leaders/educators will build Population Health acumen to impact improved systems, and organizational, population, and patient outcomes. By collaborating with local, state, and national resources and supporting organizations, including Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network, IL Academic/Public Health Partnership, and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (among others), course curriculum will integrate the best science and identified practice needs. With a deliberate emphasis on rural and underserved populations, work includes building strong infrastructure within and between foundational organizations to empower nurse leaders/educators specializing in Population Health practice to infiltrate organizations throughout the State of Illinois impacting health
care delivery and create sustainable improvements in overall health and wellness.