Skills for Chicagoland’s Future

Award / $53,150

Priority / Social Determinants of Health / Health Equity

Location / Chicago, IL City of Chicago Focus

To best address the needs of the Collective’s job seekers, they are looking to adopt a closed loop referral system to better serve and track outcomes for the applicants that engage the CBOC.  One of their primary goals is to create an efficient system for a job seeker to access any of the partner organizations and have access to the full suite of CBOC supports available. Being able to effectively refer and track a job seeker’s progress between partner organizations is key to providing this seamless access. That being said, they also know that even amongst the 16 members of the Collective they won’t have the ability to address all job seeker needs. As such, having the ability to make external referrals to the workforce and supportive services ecosystem is a critical part of our referral process and a differentiator for the provision of services and supports.