Voices for Illinois Children for the Illinois CHildren’s Mental Health Partnership

Award / $50,000

Priority / Healthcare Workforce Development

Location / Chicago, IL Illinois Statewide area of focus

Grant Summary

The Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership (ICMHP), through the Mental Health Consultation Initiative, has been working with numerous public and private stakeholders to design a multi-year expansion initiative that advances the goal of a universal, effective, and sustainable infant/early childhood mental health consultation (I/ECMHC) model in Illinois, with an expanded and qualified consultant workforce. This initiative will strengthen the capacity of early childhood professionals, families, programs and systems to prevent, identify, treat and reduce the impact of mental health problems among infants and young children. ICMHP is requesting $50,000 to support the execution of the workforce development objectives and activities that will lead to the creation of a comprehensive infrastructure to support I/ECMHC in Illinois.