How to Apply

Online Application Portal

Successfully introduced in 2020, TCI is continuing the use of an online application portal for greater ease of application submissions. All materials to make an application can be found here. This application portal is utilized for both 2023 RFP opportunities.

Online Application Portal

The portal has a full user guide and instructions for how to use. The grant narrative elements summarized above represent the same application pieces you’ll find in the portal. You will have character limits (that count down as you develop your narrative) to adhere to.  We have increased the available space due to applicant feedback. There are save and return features, so you don’t have to complete the full application in one sitting. It is designed to be both intuitive and user-friendly.

Upon successful completion, your proposal contact will receive a verification email confirmation, as well as a proposal identification number and time-stamped PDF of your responses as a record of your application submission.

If you have questions about filling out the application, you might find it helpful to see the scoring rubric our reviewers will be using in evaluating your application. This can be a useful thing to see in addition to the RFP itself in planning your application.

Application Rubric Download 2023 Healthcare Workforce Development RFP Download 2023 Strengthening Families and Communities RFP